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6 Ways to Save Money on Amazon You Might Not Know About

Here’s a little secret: There’s no reason to ever pay full price for anything on Amazon. In fact, I haven’t paid full price for anything there in years. There are multiple ways to save, and you can combine them all together so your deals are even better! Here are my favorite ways to save money on Amazon.

Easy tricks to save money on Amazon

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1. Use Cash Back Programs

Ebates is an amazing little service that gives you a percentage of your purchase back in cash! You can use it at tons of online retailers including Amazon. You’ll even get a $10 bonus when you sign up through this link. Who doesn’t love free cash?

Save money with Ebates!

Already have Ebates? I recommend checking out RebatesMe as well because they often have higher cash back rates for certain online stores. I use both services & always check which one has the best rate for the site I’m shopping with.

On top of cash back sites like Ebates, I use my Discover cash back card to get even more cash back. They usually give 5% cash back on Amazon several months out of the year (in addition to 5% back on other rotating categories and 1% back on everything else). Plus, they double your cash back total at the end of your first year! They’ll also give you a $50 free cash bonus for signing up through this link. Other perks that come with this card include return guarantees, price protection (they’ll refund you the difference if the item you bought just went on sale), extended product warrantees, and refunds for purchased products that get broken or stolen.

2. Use Amazon’s Subscribe & Save

Amazon’s Subscribe & Save option is great for things you regularly purchase like household supplies. This is an easy way to snag 5-15% off each item. All you do is purchase your supplies and let Amazon know how often they should deliver them (don’t worry, you can cancel and add items any time before your month’s box ships!). You’ll automatically be given a discount on most items (usually 5%), and if you have five or more items being shipped in a month Amazon will bump your discounts up to the next savings tier (usually 15%).

As an example, you can see how I need to add one more item to August to get the higher discount on everything. I’ve already achieved that with October’s order.

Save money with Amazon subscribe & save Save money with Amazon subscribe & save

3. Get discounted Amazon gift cards

I use Raise & Gift Card Granny to find discounted gift cards for my Amazon shopping trips. These are sites where people can sell their unwanted gift cards, and you can purchase them at less than their face value. These sites have excellent refund policies and money back guarantees, so you’ll never need to worry about purchasing a bad card. P.S. Use these referral links to get a $5 bonus to both Raise & Gift Card Granny!

4. Shop Amazon Outlet

Amazon’s Outlet section is full of overstock and heavily discounted items. I didn’t know about this section until recently, and now it’s the first place I check when I’m shopping. I regularly find items up to 90% off, and it’s one of my favorite ways to save money on Amazon.

5. Choose no rush shipping

If you have a Prime account and you don’t need your item right away, you can trade in your 2-day shipping for regular shipping and get a reward. The rewards I’ve seen are $5 towards an Amazon Pantry purchase (my favorite!) or $1 towards a digital purchase (ebooks, music, movies, or shows).

Here’s a peek at my rewards balance that can be used towards my future purchases.

Amazon no rush shipping rewards

6. Track big items with Camelcamelcamel to save even more money on Amazon

Amazon prices tend to fluctuate, and the site Camelcamelcamel tracks these prices and lets you know when is the best time to purchase items from your wishlist. For big ticket items, this little trick can save you hundreds! It even charts out previous prices changes and sends you alerts if one of your watched items gets discounted.

Easy tricks to save money on Amazon

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