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10 Reasons Why Blogging is the Best Side Hustle (or Full Time Career!) Ever

10 perks of being a blogger

I love blogging because it’s fun, flexible, and has serious earning potential. Here are my 10 favorite perks of being a blogger.

1. Blogging pays the bills.

Blogging brings in several different streams of income, and many bloggers earn thousands of dollars each month writing about what they love.

3. You get to try lots of products for free (and get paid for it!).

You’d be surprised at how many brands contact you to try their products (even if you’ve just started out!). This is a type of sponsored post in which a brand gives you products (and often monetary compensation in addition) to review their product or incorporate it into a blog post or social media post. Bloggers can receive products like furniture, mattresses, cleaning supplies, food, and free vacations from major brands. This new form of marketing is called Influencer Marketing, and brands love it because it has been shown to be far more effective than traditional marketing.

2. Blogging allows you to be creative.

From writing to photography to picking out the perfect theme, blogging lets you use your creative talent in a way most side hustles don’t.

10 perks of being a blogger

4. Blogging lets you help people.

Most people read blogs to learn something. Whether you blog about cooking, decorating, crafts, finances, or fashion, you’re showing your readers how to do something and helping them improve their lives for the better.

5. You meet and connect with some pretty amazing people.

Bloggers have a lot to offer each other, and my suggestion is to take time to comment on other blogs, interact with bloggers on social media, and join blogging groups on Facebook. Bloggers have amazing stories to share and helpful tips to offer, and some of my favorite people in the world are other bloggers who have helped me on my journey.

6. Blogging is extremely flexible.

Don’t have much time to give to your blog? No problem. I only post 2-4 times a month on my home decor blog, and it still pulls in $300-500 most months (sometimes as high as $1800!). Realizing this earning potential, many bloggers have made the jump into blogging as their full time career. They work from home, set their own hours, and quickly surpass the income they made at their old 9 to 5. Oh, and blogging isn’t location specific…

10 perks of being a blogger
Work from the beach? Um, count me in!

7. You can work from anywhere.

In fact, blogging is so flexible that some bloggers pack up and travel the world because they don’t need to be tied down to one location. Imagine blogging full time at the beach? Count me in!

8. Blogging allows you to spend more time with your family.

Being a full-time blogger has even more benefits if you have a family. Imagine being able to skip the commute and the office altogether to stay home with your young children instead (or maybe your dog!). Or perhaps you’ve just had a baby and would rather work from home than go back to the office and add expensive childcare to your budget. I’m nearing this point myself, but several of my blogging friends DO make enough income from their blog that working on their blogs full time is a no-brainer.

10 perks of being a blogger
Spend more time with these little munchkins

9. It’s fulfilling.

I love writing, photography, helping others, and interacting with the lovely people who read my blog. My little corner of the internet fulfills me in a way that an ordinary office job just doesn’t.

10. You’ll learn and nurture new skills.

Blogging allows you to exercise your creative skills like writing, photography, and graphic design. You’ll also work on your organizational skills, learn tons about marketing, and build professional partnerships with big name brands. Even if you only blog as a profitable hobby, the skills you gain can apply to your full-time job.

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Looking for a fun side hustle or full time job that you can work from home? Learn how to start a blog and make money writing about what you love.

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