Easy ways to save money on everything you buy

How I Save Money on EVERYTHING I Buy

Here's a secret I wish I knew about years ago: There is no reason to ever pay full price for anything. With a few simple tricks, I can save money on everything I buy! I recently began implementing these methods, and oh how I wish I knew about them years ago. These tricks can be easily combined to save even more, and I have already saved nearly $1,000 over the course of a few months (and I'm not even a big shopper!). I've also included some bonuses to help you guys save too! ...
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Easy tricks to save money on Amazon

6 Ways to Save Money on Amazon You Might Not Know About

Here's a little secret: There's no reason to ever pay full price for anything on Amazon. In fact, I haven't paid full price for anything there in years. There are multiple ways to save, and you can combine them all together so your deals are even better! Here are my favorite ways to save money on Amazon. Contains affiliate links. See my full disclaimer. 1. Use Cash Back Programs Ebates is an amazing little service that gives you a percentage of your purchase back in cash! You can use it at tons of online retailers including Amazon. You'll even get a ...
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A little known way to earn a free master's degree

How I Earned a Free Master’s Degree

If you’re looking to obtain a graduate degree, taking out more student loans to pay for it probably doesn’t sound very appealing. I decided to go a different route and instead of adding to my student loan debt to get my master’s degree, I took a job with a local university that offered employees 100% tuition waivers. This is a very common perk at most universities, but one that is often overlooked. If you're looking to advance your education, working at a university in exchange for a free master's degree can be a great set up ...
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10 perks of being a blogger

10 Reasons Why Blogging is the Best Side Hustle (or Full Time Career!) Ever

I love blogging because it's fun, flexible, and has serious earning potential. Here are my 10 favorite perks of being a blogger ...
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Think your financial advisor's fee of 1-2% is small? Here's how that little fee is taking a huge chunk of your savings and future retirement.

How Your Financial Advisor’s “Small” Fees are Costing You a Huge Portion of Your Life Savings and Future Retirement

Investing can be intimidating, so it might seem like using a financial advisor or a wealth management firm like Edward Jones or Merrill Lynch is your only option. What these advisors probably won't tell you is that the fees they charge will end up costing you a huge portion of your life savings (around 25-30%) and will essentially halve the amount of money you can live on in retirement ...
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Where to keep your money to maximize your savings

Where to Stash Your Cash to Maximize Your Savings

How much savings you can accumulate is one of the biggest factors to achieving financial independence. But where do you keep your savings to get the best bang for your buck? Keeping everything in a regular savings account that barely earns any interest will add years to your journey of achieving your financial goals. I'll share where we stash our cash to maximize our savings and get to financial independence sooner ...
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7 secrets to managing a blog while working a full time job

How to Manage a Blog While Working Full Time

Trying to manage a blog while working full time? The time commitment can be a huge challenge, but implementing a few of these guidelines can help you become more productive and grow your blog--even when working 40+ hours a week at your day job ...
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Tips on how to lower your AC bill or get rid of it completely! Keep your home cool without AC

10 Ways to Drastically Reduce Your AC Bill

This is our 4th summer in our home & we've never had to turn on our air conditioning once. With a few tricks and some helpful shade trees, our home stays comfortable inside even though it's usually in the high 90s here all summer. Here are some of my favorite ways to keep your home cool without AC ...
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11 easy tricks that will save you money each month!

11 Easy Tricks to Save Money Each Month

These are a few of my favorite secrets to help you save hundreds each month. They're easy to implement, they don't require drastic lifestyle changes, and they're a great way to get into a more money conscience state of mind ...
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