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Where to Stash Your Cash to Maximize Your Savings

How much savings you can accumulate is one of the biggest factors to achieving financial independence. But where do you keep your savings to get the best bang for your buck? Keeping everything in a regular savings account that barely earns any interest will add years to your journey of achieving your financial goals. I’ll share where we stash our cash to maximize our savings and get to financial independence sooner.

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How I Save Money on EVERYTHING I Buy

Here’s a secret I wish I knew about years ago: There is no reason to ever pay full price for anything.

With a few simple tricks, I can save money on everything I buy! I recently began implementing these methods, and oh how I wish I knew about them years ago. These tricks can be easily combined to save even more, and I have already saved nearly $1,000 over the course of a few months (and I’m not even a big shopper!). I’ve also included some bonuses to help you guys save too!

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6 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

You’re on your computer anyway, so why not earn some extra cash while you’re at it? These are my 6 favorite ways to make money online. Some are effortless while others take a bit more effort but allow you to grow your skills to become a money making machine from the comfort of your laptop.

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